Thursday, 30 December 2010

Uploading Your App to App Store

As anyone do, I also have respect to apple world. But today what I have been through was enough to drive me crazy. I finished my Game developing and tried to upload the App Binary to App store. I have encountered several difficulties while uploading the App.

First of all you need to build your code in Xcode for distrubution. I already think that you finished getting provisioning files and other stuffs. before you build your code over xcode you need to arrange the code singing to the appropriate certifcate. BE CAREFULL do not change any settings belong the code singing over the Project settings page. You need to refer directly to Target File Info page. how to do it? on the left side of the x code screen you can find the "Target" tab. under this tab you can find you projects target. right click on it and click "Get Info" on the screen appears you need to select Build tab and find the related field for code singing. For default it must be "don't sign". There you need to change it to the sign you had for distrubution.

I wrote above pharagraph just for some experienced programmers. If you are a newbie I need to tell you that there are many more steps for you to reach until here.

If you know how to build your code for distrubution and get a weird error about invalid id, and this id is not registered for submissions, probably you did this mistake. so clean up th code signing at the project setting screen. you need to do it before you get crazy!!

Second one is about icons. there are 6 different icons in the project for you to arrange. one for Iphone and Ipod touch, one for Ipad and so on. you can see the default icons under "Resources" folder. but after you think you have done it and when you try to upload, if you get an error about ipad size is not appropriate then you need to do what I say right now. If you get this error probably you used cocos2d in your application as library. So there should be a property list under Resources file colled info.plist click on this file and see what is inside.

there you can see a tab called "Icon files". All you need to do is to change the name of this tab to "CFBundleIconFiles" and than save. It should work after this process.

One more thing. If your Iphone Simulator crashes some how that means you need to clean up the memory of simulator. you can do it "Iphone Simulator->Reset Content and Settings". if it does not work go to Application Support folder under your user and find the Iphone simulator folder. you can change the permission of this folder for yourself to use or you can erase this folder completely. If you erase it, better to restart your computer to take Iphone simulator effect.

If you want to try programming for ios and get some weird errors, feel free to ask me. I will do my best to answer you.

Now I have to wait for my Game to be rewieved.

See you soon.

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