Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Hungry Koala is on Appstore one of the most enjoyable physics puzzle game.

Hi all,

Wellcome back. I was so busy about putting my game to app store lately and i couldnt make time to write here. I had several problems about ipad screen size and user interface issues about reviews and i fix them. fortuantely The Hungry Koala is on app store.

I want to mention about the game a little. First of all as i wrote in my previous posts I spend 1 month to develop the game. Yes it is not impossible. I did not know anything about iphone programming or game programming. I setup my environment and learn how to code in objective-c and created my game logic for last developed the game in one month.

I made it a simple physics puzzle game very easy to play and enjoyable game. But you know i am pretty new in IOS world so maybe i made some mistakes. I want you apl to post here what you think about the game, how can i make it better and the other stuff.

By the way I created another game called "Crazy Ali" and i will share how I did it in here. I will put the codes in here and give you a detailed tutorial how to do it.

Just play the game "The Hungry Koala" and share your ideas with me. Mean time wait for me to share my experience with you for "Crazy Ali" game.

direct link to game: 

game website:

wish you best...