Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I finished developing game and today I put the back ground music. I want to thank to my friend Kokturk Aksungur for his help about background music. It has been pretty cute music and I really like it. I want to share a small video about the game.

The game idea is so simple. There is a bucket that a Koala holds and an eucalyptus ball that you need to put into the bucket. There are boards and you can destroy the boards by tapping on them and also there is heavy ball that linked to ropes, you can destroy that ball to by tapping on it. Ropes are so simple to be cut. just slice your finger over the rope that you want to cut. But you need to be carefull because every piece of rope has some density and it effects the behavior of the system according to physics where you cut th rope from.

There are stars around the screen and to make your score higher you need to try to collect the stars before you get the ball into the bucket. actually I have put an instruction page into the game and if you have any query you can refer to this page.

Just enjoy your time. collect the stars and feed the Koala!!! endless fun...

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  1. Can I download this game for my HTC phone? :)