Thursday, 10 March 2011


Hey guys for a period I was trying to response the reviews of my new game. It is still on review and I really am loosing my patience :)

Game is so enjoyable. It is like fruit Ninja. Basically there is a guy I called him "Teddy Cool" standing at the middle of the screen and there are Zombies trying to reach him. All you need to do is to slice the zombies before they reach him.

It is actually a violance game but so great to play :) I still am playing and having fun with it. I also implement game center leaderboard on it so you can challenge with the world.. Try to do best score and let others talk about you and beat your score..

Here is a video of the game..

Enjoy it...

Video of the game..

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  1. Zombie is one of my favorite games in iDevices. I have enjoyed all the versions of this game. I know it is little bit violent but it raise the excitement level. I will be waiting for the Zombie Ninja in Appstore.